GHS settlement grid, following the REGIO model 2014 in application to GHSL Landsat and CIESIN GPW v4-multitemporal (1975-1990-2000-2015)


Please note that this is an old product; there is a new version of the GHS SETTLEMENT GRID (GHS-SMOD)

This data package contains an assessment of the REGIO-OECD “degree of urbanisation” model using as input the population GRID cells in four epochs (2015, 2000, 1990, and 1975).

Each grid has been generated by integration of built-up areas produced from Landsat image, and population data derived from the CIESIN GPW v4.

In this assessment, the REGIO-OECD model1 concerning the selection of the “high density clusters” (HDC), “low density cluster” (LDC), and rural areas have been used (please see below). HDC definition has been modified as follows “contiguous cells (4-connectivity, gap filling) with a density of at least 1,500 inhabitant/km2 or a density of built-up greater than 50%, and a minimum of 50,000 inhabitants” per cluster.

Product name:
World Mollweide (EPSG:54009)
Resolutions available:
model that classifies the human settlements on the base of the built-up and population density Resolution of 1Km - World Mollweide (EPSG:54009)
Dataset name (size):
GHS_SMOD_POP1975_GLOBE_R2016A_54009_1k (12MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP1990_GLOBE_R2016A_54009_1k (13MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP2000_GLOBE_R2016A_54009_1k (14MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP2015_GLOBE_R2016A_54009_1k (14MB)
1 = “rural cells” or base (BASE)
2 = “urban clusters” or low density clusters (LDC)
3 = “urban centres” or high density clusters (HDC)
layers that identify the settlement with an unique ID Resolution of 1Km - World Mollweide (EPSG:54009)
Dataset name (size):
GHS_SMOD_POPHDC2015_GLOBE_R2016A_54009_1k (12MB)
GHS_SMOD_POPLDC2015_GLOBE_R2016A_54009_1k (16MB)
The raster value are the unique ID of the Urban centers and Urban clusters, respectively, in the epoch 2015.

1 Dijkstra, Lewis, and H. Poelmann. "A harmonised definition of cities and rural areas: the new degree of urbanisation." European Commission Urban and Regional Policy. Working paper 1 (2014): 2014.