GHS functional urban areas, derived from GHS-UCDB R2019A (2015)


The GHS Functional Urban Areas (GHS-FUA) delineate the spatial entities representing the commuting area of the Urban Centres of 2015.

The Functional Urban Areas for the epoch 2015 are estimated through an automated classification procedure developed in collaboration with the OECD, based on objective characteristics (i.e. travel time to the Urban Centres, area of the Urban Centres, local population and country GDP per capita).

Information on the Urban Centres are derived from the GHS-UCDB R2019A dataset (GHS_STATS_UCDB2015MT_GLOBE_R2019A_V1_0);
population information are calculated from the 2015 GHS-POP R2019A dataset (GHS_POP_E2015_GLOBE_R2019A_V1_0);
travel time from each cell towards the edge of the closest (in time) Urban Centre is estimated by using the global friction matrix;
the Urban Centre GDP is inherited from the country GDP per capita (World Development Indicators: NY.GDP.PCAP.CD), as provided by The World Bank.

Download the GHS-FUA dataset.

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World Mollweide (EPSG: 54009)
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