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The GHS Settlement Model grid (GHS-SMOD) GHS_SMOD_POPMT_GLOBE_R2019A delineates and classify settlement typologies via a logic of population size, population and built-up area densities as a refinement of the ‘degree of urbanization’ method described by EUROSTAT.

The GHS-SMOD is derived by using the GHS-POP (GHS_POP_MT_GLOBE_R2019A, version 1.0) and GHS-BUILT (GHS_BUILT_LDSMT_GLOBE_R2018A, version 2.0).

The GHS Settlement Model grid is an improvement of the GHS Settlement Grid (R2016A) introducing a more detailed classification of settlements in two levels, also called ‘refined degree of urbanization’. The Settlement Model is provided at detailed level (Second Level - L2). The First Level, as a porting of the Degree of Urbanization adopted by EUROSTAT can be obtained aggregating L2 as shown in the GHSL Data Package 2019 documentation (GHS P2019).

Download the GHS-SMOD dataset.

Product name:
Coordinate system:
World Mollweide (EPSG:54009)
Resolutions available:
Settlement typology codes by epoch Resolution of 1km - World Mollweide (EPSG:54009)
Dataset name (size):
GHS_SMOD_POP1975_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_V2_0 (10.5MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP1990_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_V2_0 (11MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP2000_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_V2_0 (11.5MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP2015_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_V2_0 (12MB)
layers that identify the settlements with an unique ID and basic attributes
Resolution of 1km - World Mollweide (EPSG:54009) - gkpg format
Dataset name (size):
GHS_SMOD_POP1975_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_labelHDC_V2_0 (1.3MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP1990_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_labelHDC_V2_0 (1.6MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP2000_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_labelHDC_V2_0 (1.8MB)
GHS_SMOD_POP2015_GLOBE_R2019A_54009_1K_labelHDC_V2_0 (2.1MB)